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Portfolio Process

The Portfolio provides an opportunity for NCP members to develop their photographic skills and techniques. It is usually offered every 2 years; 2023 being the most recent.

The project calls for members to develop a portfolio of their work. While a portfolio is often interpreted to be a variety of photographs displaying the photographer’s skills in different areas, this exercise is intended to be a project with images presenting a cohesive theme, for example:

  • Different ways of interpreting the one subject
  • A similar way of interpreting different subjects
  • A particular colour or shape or object or person
  • A particular location

This is not like the Club’s monthly competitions, where awards are given. It is in fact the antithesis of this process. This is an opportunity for members to take on a project, develop their own theme and to receive feedback from fellow club members as their portfolio is being developed. It is suitable for every level of photographer from beginner to advanced, as long as they bring their best efforts to it.


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Photobook Competition 2020

During the pandemic a special photobook competition was held. Click here to view the book samples.
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