Portfolio 2021/22

Here are the portfolios produced for the Portfolio 2021/22 programme.

Shane Clarkson

Catching the Inspiration

In my photography I am often drawn to certain scenes without quite understanding why. There is an emotional response to the lighting or the shapes and forms that I see. Sadly, my photography does not always capture the essence that initially drew me to the scene.
In this collection of images, I have attempted to capture the inspiration that I initially took from the scene. By looking more deeply at what was in front of me, I have managed to distil many images down to a simple graphical shape or form. For me, these images retain the essence that drove my original response, I hope you enjoy them as well.

Shane Clarkson
Jan Glover

Jan Glover Portfolio 2021
The aim of my project was to photograph the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney, using an iPhone camera. I planned to process the images to create an old-world look by decreasing contrast and adding slightly warmer tones thus giving a nostalgic feel to the images of the Garden which was established in 1816.
After two visits Covid-19 lockdowns prevented further travel to the Garden, so subsequent images were taken in my neighbourhood on the North Shore of Sydney. Initially this presented a challenge as I missed the wide vistas, soft light and the exotic plants of the Botanic Garden. However the changes of seasons brought a variety of subject matter to photograph close to my home, and I was able to complete my portfolio with some degree of satisfaction.

The Portfolio was presented in a printed book, 30x30cm. Here are a few of the pages.
John Pettett

The Eye of the Beholder

 We pass by the old and the shabby.
Unconcerned by what might have been, we overlook what could still be.

Are pride and craft and majesty and soul eliminated by the passage of time? Perhaps.
But what if they are simply obscured? What if they await our closer inspection?
And introspection.

It was such random thoughts that led to this portfolio. It began through a chance encounter with a grey and weathered, lichen-covered statue.
In many ways it doesn’t matter what the subject is. The search is what is important; the looking, the seeing.
Black and white photography, and occasionally long exposure, help to reveal the essence in what is there to be seen. And if the story is still unremarkable then that is the challenge for the artist. To start again, to develop techniques and skills that will match the vision.

For it is always there

John Pettett

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