Portfolio 2023 Gallery

Here are the portfolios produced during the Portfolio 2023 programme.

The 2023 Portfolio AV

Lyn Arnold

Flora…and the handmade photograph

Every year a friend brings me arum lilies from her garden, and every second year or so, a neighbour’s white magnolia tree blooms. Irresistible subjects for a black and white photographer.
The form, texture and grace of these flowers suggest a print process that can capture their tonal range.
That process uses platinum and palladium.
For each image I made an enlarged digital negative. Under subdued light I coated heavy cotton rag paper with a sensitized platinum/palladium solution, placed the negative in contact with the paper and exposed the ‘sandwich’ under UV light. After clearing and washing the print is left to dry.
I love the “hands on” aspect of making photographs and find it deeply satisfying.

Lyn Arnold
November 2023

Judith Bennett

My Travel Memorablia

Images and travel memories of objects collected from 30 countries over almost 60 years.
Susan Buchanan

Currowan Misremembered

I was a witness to the Currowan fire that scorched land and souls.  Currowan was the stuff of nightmares and so it remains.  Time has not gentled the memories: dimmed and distorted but not gentled.

Susan Buchanan

Technique:  Photopolymer photogravures created using an etching press.  Each image is two layers: one printmaking paper overlaid by Japanese tissue paper with the image mirrored.
Shane Clarkson

Left Lost Abandoned – a series of found items
During the Covid lockdown my main source of exercise became walking around the local neighbourhood. It was during this time that I began to notice the sheer quantity of “stuff” that remained after all the people had gone. Now that Covid lockdowns are a thing of the past and there are more people about, there has been a commensurate increase in the quantities of materials that I call Left, Lost, Abandoned.
Robyn Miller



Margaret Frankish

Colour and Shape in Sydney

I have used Jeffrery Smart's work as an inspriration for this work. My intention was to capture his passion by using bold colour and geometric shape to construct a series of bright and cherrful images. 
Jennifer Gordon

Samm - An artisan's journey

Janice Gursanscky

Charcoal Impressions

Impressions of North head as it grows after bushfires
Beryl Jenkins

‘Agave’ - Platinum Palladium Prints

Agave; genus of monocotyledons, is an aloe-like native to the hot and dry regions of America.  

A striking plant having a dense cluster of rigid fleshy leaves.               Eye-catching as a single specimen, spectacular in a developed clump - but to a photographers’ eye, so much more. A delightful source of changing shapes, patterns, light and shade when inspected through a contortion of camera angles in the early morning light. 

I hope the viewer will enjoy these prints of the Agave in my garden as much as I have enjoyed taking and printing them in the dark room. 

Beryl Jenkins

Hemant Kogekar

Journeys Unearthed: A Surreal Portfolio

"Journeys Unearthed" is a surreal adventure, a journey deep into the human experience. This portfolio aims to evoke introspection, inviting viewers to embark on their own inner journeys, to voyage into the uncharted territories of the human psyche and to ponder the limitless landscapes that reside within the human mind.
Rod Lowe

Inspired by AI

New worlds inspired by AI and recreated in Photoshop
Dennis Lowe, Daniel Ming, Rod Lowe

Reflections 3 x 3

Maria Mazo

The idiomatic 

In this portfolio, I wanted to create a visual representation of a group of Spanish idiomatic expressions and that have in common the phrase "I have the head..." And describe both the physical and emotional state of the person who uses them. 

Heather Miles

Water the elixir of life

Cristoph Mueller

What is it all about

Steve Mullarkey

Flower Matrices

My portfolio comprises two panels of photographs of flowers. One panel shows photographs where I
experimented with the use of focus stacking and off-camera flash. The second panel shows flowers after rain.
Sue Pokrzywa

Hello Daisy

A 38-year-old Sulphur Crested Cockatoo
(Cacatua Galerita)
Maureen Rogers


Intimations of the proud history of the Cockatoo Island Dockyard 
Louise Scambler

Autumn light on the Gordon River, Tasmania.
Peter Steele

Motion in the ocean

Shirley Steel

Tarkine Impressions

Nigel Streatfield

Brickpit Minimalism

Alan Sutton

Abstract Landscapes

Arial images of the North Queensland (to the tip of Cape York) landscape from a light aircraft
Kim Toolin


Notan is a Japanese term that literally means "light-dark harmony". Artists use "notan studies" to explore different arrangements of light and dark elements in a painting without having the distraction of other elements like colour, texture and finer details.

Notan is the underlying abstract framework, or pattern of lights and darks, upon which the value structure of a painting is created.

Judy Warburton

A collection of intimate landscapes photographed in June this year and printed by the Photopolymer Gravure method.
Fujiko Watt

Wonderful insects in our neighbourhood

Bruce Wilson

Woodworking tools

Dawn Zandstra

The Giving Trees