Notable successes


FCC Interclub 2023

Our results in the competition were outstanding. Of the 9 categories NCP placed first in 6 categories, third in 2 categories, and fourth in the other (missing equal third by one point).

And finally of the approximately 1300 entries in the competition, only 4 images were scored as 15 points (which is the maximum of 5 points by all 3 judges). Two of those images were submitted by our club members Eric Lippey and Maria Mazo.

In total there were 9 sections in the competition, 6 digital sections and 3 print sections.

We had entries from the following club members:
Alia Naughton, Beryl Jenkins, Carol Abbott, Eric Lippey, Fujiko Watt, Graeme Gordon, Heather Miles, Hemant Kogekar, Judith Bennett, Kerry Boytell, Leigh Hall, Maria Mazo, Michael Hing, Peter Butterworth, Robyn Miller, Rod Lowe, Shane Clarkson, and Steve Mullarkey.

Our selection committee was Dawn Zandstra, Maria Mazo, Kerry Boytell, Eric Lippey and Shane Clarkson.

2023 FCC Interclub Entries




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