In Memorium


Richard was sadly killed in an unfortunate accident which was reported in the Sydney Morning Herald and Daily Telegraph.  
Photo courtesy of Chris Barlow


Last Saturday 20 members of Northside Creative Photography's portfolio group met to talk about their photography. As always the discussion was lively and it was telling that Richard's enthusiasm for photography led him to be the first to display his work - in his words, he was "thrilled" at how the images of the fog-shrouded landscapes were developing into an evocative series reflecting the wonder, mystery and immersion he experienced whilst walking through the Blue Mountains on this particular day. The group agreed.

The bare facts are that Richard joined the club in 2006 and was our Treasurer for 4 years between 2009 and 2012. Judy, his wife, joined as a member in 2011. His work as Treasurer was exemplary. The unforgettable facts are that Richard was a gentle spirit with infinite patience and a warm smile which he generously bestowed on all-comers to the Club.

There is that old cliche: "they broke the mould when they made him". Well, I hope not because we could do with a lot more gentlemen like him.  - Susan Buchanan


Richard Warburton will be greatly missed.

He was such a warm and genuine person that he gave everyone who knew him the feeling that you were one of his best friends.

His photography was blossoming and his images of the misty Blue Mountains shown only three days earlier at the Portfolio review were beautiful.

His life was incredibly active and “An elderly man” he certainly wasn't.

We treasure the memory of Richard. - Jacques Roussel


I will always remember Richard for his warmth, friendliness and affable smile.  - Chris Barlow

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