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Philip Schofield
1.10.1938 – 19.7.2020

Late of Narrabeen and Caves Beach, and partner to Annette Gero.
Phil joined the club (then known as Northern Suburbs Camera Club) around 1995 at the encouragement of club president Richard Brady.
By his example he encouraged all members to experiment in mixed media and creativity. With the help of scissors, glue, sandpaper, tea and anything that one’s imagination could visualize members created exciting works and found a new freedom of expression.
Dr. Philip Schofield was a Conjoint Professor in the School of Fine Art at the University of Newcastle.  Prior to that he was an Associate Professor in Biochemistry at the University of N.S.W.
Some of his creative work can be seen on his website:

Jenny Turtle writes:

We were so saddened to hear that Phil Schofield had passed away on Sunday, 19 July 2020.  
It was Phil, probably more than any other person, who put the “creative” into Northside Creative. He himself was an exceptional man:  intellectually talented, artistically talented - and of course photographically very talented.  
He dared this Club to be different, and to think beyond conventional photographic boundaries. 
He not only inspired us with the quality of his own work, but then helped us ignite our own tiny flames of talent, so we too could try to photographically fly free!
We shall miss you Phil, but thank you for what you did for us at Northside  -   and long may your creativity continue to Fly Free - in the creative world beyond our shores.

Richard Brady:
I knew Phil well, especially in the 90s. Phil possessed an amazing love and talent for photography, sketching and poetry. Always looking at things from a different artistic eye. I am very much the richer for having known him. Those that travelled with him on photo safaris in central Australia quickly found out that there was much more to Phil than just Freestyle Photography at NSCC. Few knew, but Phil was also a cartoonist and poet.
He was a great inspiration to our club. We were blessed being in his company.
 Phil was always willing to share his ideas. Phil showed us how photography could levitate itself from a craft and into an art. Always challenging old ways of thinking and viewing.
Phil has left an amazing body of work. Phil touched us all.
We are all the poorer for his passing. 
Phil. Rest in peace.

Barbara Bryan:
When Phil Schofield joined NCP in 1996 (NSCC before 2000), it was like a whirlwind had arrived.
Suddenly there were new ideas and projects springing forth.
He exposed us to a new way of 'seeing' with his fresh, creative approach to image-making.  
He took us beyond the 'single, appealing image' to the 'anything goes' approach which could include montages, mixed media, layering, triptyches, use of props, bodies of work, movement, abstracts and much more.  
His scientific background was evident in his works which often incorporated technical diagrams with photo imagery.
He explained how the left and right sides of our brains are quite different and that we needed to work on developing more 'right-brain' thinking in order to bring out our 'Creative' side. 
I was truly inspired, thus worked on developing that focus in my photography.

During the Presidency of Richard Brady, the club ran Outback photography safaris for four consecutive years and thus we gained the benefits of Phil's presence on those trips also.
He brought along numerous 'props' to create photographic concepts, one of which was his wooden Ned Kelly (as depicted in many Sidney Nolan paintings).
I was so taken with that symbolism (as I had lived at Glenrowan in Victoria also), that he donated that item to me and thus I used it in many of my images over many years and still have Ned Kelly at home to this day.
Since that time I have tried many techniques 'in camera' and tried to encourage other photo club members, and presented a lecture at a National convention on 'Being Creative' many years later.   
Phil exhibited his own bodies of work in many countries and was made an Adjunct Professor in fine arts at the University of Newcastle.
To this day, I credit Phil's inspiration for expanding my views on my journey in photography. Phil also offered such engaging, stimulating company as he was very knowledgeable in the visual arts.

Mark Howard:
I met Phil Schofield on a photographic safari into the corner country of Australia, he was a delightful companion to us all, full of quite fun and enthusiasm on this memorable trip, extremely helpful with all aspects of photography and was able to make an inexperienced photographer like me ‘see’ the picture before taking the shot, he often creeps into my mind on my personal safaris. Mark Howard. 

Karen Williamson:
Phil was a Brillant photographer . I always remember those Outback trips that the Northern Camera Club went on . I remember In a small town in the Outback we stoped  for the night . The town had 1 Pub and a hotel they were having a celebration that night to there new Parking Meter outside the Pub . The publican asked Phil if he known of any of our group that could become a Meter Maid and Phil asked me if I could be one . I put on the gold dress they give me  a bucket go around to get donations for there new Parking Meter . 
It was a enjoyable night lots of red wine ! and laughs!! 
I will always have fond memories of the Outback trips and the friends that made up the group.

Below: Phil at the NCP 50th Anniversary Dinner in 2003


Above: Phil (left) with winners of the club Freestyle Competition 2001
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