Basic Photoshop Workshop

9:00am, Sun, 15 Mar 2020

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  • Type of event: Workshop
    Duration: 3 h 30 min
    Venue: Epping Creative Centre
    26 Stanley Road, Epping
    Basic Photoshop Workshop

    9am - 12.30pm

    Epping Creative Centre, 26 Stanley Road, Epping

    This workshop will be provided by  Michael Smyth of Phototutor. NCP has made a pre-booking for members and will subsidise the cost. The cost to participants will be $60 per person.

    There will be a maximum of 10 places, so please register early. You can do that by indicating your attendance in the 'Attendance/Availability' panel below and selecting 'Register for workshop'. BUT, bear in mind that places are limited. As soon as we have 10 attendees, we will have to start a reserve list or, maybe, consider an additional workshop if there's sufficient demand.

    Please note that an Advanced Photoshop Workshop will be held in the afternoon. Please choose the level that you think is most appropriate to your needs. Registration for both workshops is not recommended as it will be too intensive.

    The session will be part lecture/presentation and part hands on so you will need to bring your own laptop. The topics covered will include:
    What to process prior to exporting an image to Photoshop (Overview of what you should be processing in Lightroom/Camera RAW)
    Introduction to Photoshop – setting preferences – setting up the software
    Why use Photoshop over Lightroom ?
    What Photoshop is good for
    Opening RAW files as Smart Objects
    Introduction to Layers
    Selections and Masks
    Types of Layers
    Blend Modes and Opacity
    Saving Files
    Making Basic Adjustments using Adjustment Layers
    Using Cloning, Content Aware Fill and the Patch Tool
    Adding texture from another image
    A lot of the time will be spent covering the concept of Layer, Masks and Blend Modes as this is the heart of working in Photoshop.

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