Workshop: How to Create a Stunning Audio Visual. Presenter: Alia Naughton

8:00pm, Wed, 15 May 2019

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    How to Create a Stunning Audio-Visual Presentation

    by Alia Naughton

    Alia Naughton is a passionate travel photographer and creater of Audio Visuals. She is the Chair of the APS AV Group, and also runs a specialist AV group at Castle Hill RSL Photography Club. She has recently become a judge of international AV competitions.

    Her workshop will be based on ProShow software, but the general approach will be applicable to other programs which members may prefer to use. At the end of the night she will set us a challenge for our AV night which will be on 4th September. This will not be a competition but an opportunity for all of us to show our photography through a different medium. Alia will provide feedback on the night to help us to develop our skills.