Olympic Park Brick Pit and Shipwreck

10:00am, Fri, 14 Jun 2024

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  • Type of event: Outings
    Start time: 10:00am
    Description: Olympic Park Brick Pit and Shipwreck
    The outing to Sydney Olympic Park will include visiting the Brickpit Ring Walk, Wentworth Common, Shipwreck Lookout, and Badu Mangroves. Many of you will remember the Brickpit is where Nigel did his portfolio last year. It's not known whether the algae will be present but there should be plenty of opportunities for some great shots. 

    In Wentworth Common, there is a spiral path that goes up to the Bay Marker, there may be some shortcuts. If you're prepared to spend the time and energy you may get a good view from the top.

    When you get to Hornswaggle lookout, Nigel recommends you take the path south for about 400m to the first bend. There is a lake on the right which has a lot of birdlife (there is a bird hide) but a lot of the birds tend to be at the south end of that lake. On the left side of the path there are more shipwrecks and mangroves and plant life (both sides). For those prepared for a longer walk, past the first bend, there are more mangroves along the path. You could go all the way to Powell's Bridge and then turn left. "The Billabong" has some old dead tree stumps in it that may make good photos.
    Items of Interest:
    Brickpit Ring Walk
    Wentworth Common
    Ship Wreck Lookout
    Hornswaggle Lookout
    Bird Hide

    Lunch: 1pm Hippo Noodle House, 4B/4 The Piazza, Wentworth Point