Central Railway Station and Mortuary

10:00am, Fri, 18 Aug 2023

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  • Type of event: Outings
    Start time: 10:00am
    Description: Central Railway Station and Mortuary

    10:00 am - Friday, 18 August, 2023

    Most of us will fondly remember the old wooden signboard which has now been moved to the Powerhouse Museum. Many other features of the building remain and should provide plenty of photographic interest for our group.

    Meet at 10 am under the Clock (pictured above) in front of the Transport Information Desk.

    We will spend some time photographing Central Station and then move on Mortuary Station on 52, Regent Street Chippendale (about where Kensington Street meets Regent St). This is a short walk from Central. Unfortunately, we are only able to see the Station from the street.

    After taking photos of Mortuary Station, we will wander down Wellington Street to White Rabbit Gallery at 30 Balfour Street, Chippendale. We’ll meet in the Tea House on street level at 12 noon for lunch and a rest before either entering the gallery to view the artwork or wandering the nearby streets to see interesting graffiti, terrace houses, other galleries and the newer developments in the area.

    There are guided tours of the White Rabbit Gallery at 1 pm and 3 pm, no bookings required and they appreciate only small groups.

    The White Rabbit Gallery was opened in 2009 to showcase what has become one of the world's most siginificant collections of Chinese contemporary art. Addmission is free. The gallery building, a Rolls-Royce service depot in the 1940s, was completely refitted as an exhibition space by architect William Smart. 

    The current exhibition is artists offering their nuanced perspectives, highlighting both the struggles and aspirations of different groups within Choinese society. Whether we are viewing the works from the perspective of a factory worker in Guangzhou or a wealthy entrepreneur in Beijing, cutting across all boundaries is the need for harmony and belonging. Uniting the divide; between the poverty stricken and the politicians, labourers and ethnic minorities, clubbers and cowboys, is the rallying cry - I AM THE PEOPLE.