Competition Night - Creative/Abstract/Surreal. Judge Don Munro

8:00pm, Wed, 2 Jun 2021

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  • Type of event: Competition
    Venue: Lindfield Uniting Church Hall
    Cnr Pacific Highway & Provincial Rd
      See map below
    Abstract photography often uses colour, light, shadow, texture, shape, or form to imbue a feeling, sensation, or impression — without actually providing a representational image of the object or scene. They are created by isolating a particular object or natural scene in a way that removes contextual details from the image.


    Creative photography encourages experimentation and creativity in composition, as well as in the equipment and techniques used to capture and edit an image. Experimenting with specialty equipment, gels, filters, textures, and opacity, as well as shutter speed, multiple exposures, motion blur and mixed media can help create a new perspective.


    The end goal of surreal photography is to deliver images that are inspired by passion and a unique perspective, blurring the lines between a dreamlike setting and reality. The use of unique perspectives and image editing means the final image is not always immediately recognizable.
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