Outings Gallery

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Member images from club outings

Gallery Instructions

Members may display images taken on club outings to the Outings galleries. Please keep number of images uploaded under 5, so that we manage our gallery space..

Uploading Images

To upload images click on the Update icon under the relevant outing. 

 It is suggested that image sizes be the same as for EDI competitions viz

  • sRGB colour space
  • max 1920 pixels horizontal (width)
  • max 1200 pixels vertical (height)
  • max 2MB file size
  • image in jpg format

Note that the software checks image sizes but does not prevent uploading if non compliance is found.

Uploaded images need a title (e.g. Harbour Bridge) and the file naming convention is to use the title (e.g. Harbour Bridge.jpg). If the file name already exists try a variation (e.g. Harbour Bridge -02.jpg).

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