Covid Safe Requirements

Memo from President Shane Clarkson

Hi everyone,

I am writing to provide you with detailed information about the requirements to our return to meeting in the church hall. For our new members we will meet at Lindfield Uniting Church on the corner of Pacific Highway and Provicial Rd Lindfield.

In order to comply with our Covid-safe plan please be aware of the following requirements.

1. Please do not attend the meeting if you are feeling unwell. Any members or visitors who are showing symptoms of illness may be refused entry or be asked to leave.

2. Do not enter the church hall until everyone in the preceding group has vacated. Prior to this we will meet in the undercroft at 7.30pm and enter the hall when it it vacant. The undercroft can be accessed via the driveway on the left or by following the corridor between the hall and the kitchen and taking the stairs down.

3. Please log in with your mobile phone using the church QR code. DO NOT use the Dance1 code as this is for a separate group. The covid marshall at the door will ask if you have completed this step.

3. The covid marshalls will also take attendance for our records on a sign in sheet.

4. Remember to maintain a distance of 1.5m when gathering and when placing chairs for the presentation. Those who are able should position their own chair for the presentation. At the end of the presentation please wipe your chair with an alcohol wipe (we will provide) and return it to the stack.  We will assist members who have difficulties with these activities.

5. Hand sanitiser will be provided for your use.

6. Please feel free to wear a mask if you wish.

7. Supper WILL NOT be provided until further notice. Feel free to BYO your own snacks, beverages (including water), cups, etc.

Apologies for the long email and for all of the new rules but I am looking forward to meeting you all face to face once again.

Shane Clarkson
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