Members may upload images to the following albums.



Outings Allow members to display images taken on club outings
Competitions Members are encouraged to display award winning photos

Uploading Images

To upload images go to the “Photo Gallery” dropdown menu above and select Gallery Upload – Outings or Gallery Upload – Competitions.

There is no limit to the size of images which may be uploaded but in practice large images take some time to upload and for convenience it is suggested that image sizes be the same as for EDI competitions viz

  • sRGB colour space
  • max 1920 pixels horizontal (width)
  • max 1200 pixels vertical (height)
  • max 2MB file size

Note that the software checks image sizes but does not prevent uploading if non compliance is found.

Uploaded images need a title (e.g. Harbour Bridge) and the file naming convention is to use the title (e.g. Harbour Bridge.jpg). If the file name already exists try a variation (e.g. Harbour Bridge -02.jpg).

The software gets your name from the membership database so if it says it cannot find you then you need to update your email address by contacting Northside Creative.

The software will also ask for tags. For outings these identify any people in images; for competitions these identify the section (e.g. colour prints) and award (e.g. Special Merit).

Software Status

The old Photo Gallery software support ceased mid 2014 and considerable effort became necessary to keep it running. It was decided to migrate the Photo Gallery to SmugMug since this was the only platform which could support the existing data.

At present the Outings and Competitions uploads are working but batch processing means that the images will not appear in the albums for a day or so.

At present there is no method to delete images so you will need to contact Northside Creative and advise the gallery/file name to be deleted.


If you need any help with uploading, deleting etc contact Northside Creative.

Image Protection

While images placed on this Website have the full protection of Copyright Law, members should be aware that the Internet is a global space and images may be used in ways that were not intended.

Members should carefully consider the suitability of images for publication. For example care should be taken with the following:

  • People photographed not in a public place for whom you do not have a model release;
  • Children

Members should consider taking precautions such as using a watermark to identifying their work.


The copyright of all images on this site belongs to the photographer. Under International Copyright Law you must not use, copy, modify, transmit, store, publish or distribute the images on this Website, or create another image from an image on this web site, without obtaining the prior consent of the legal holder of that intellectual property.

If you wish to use an image on this site please contact the Northside Creative identifying the image and the intended purpose (e.g. commercial, not for profit organisation or personal). Your request will be forwarded to the photographer.