This instruction describes how to resize an image as required for:

  • Club Electronic Digital Image (EDI) competitions;
  • Club Photo Gallery and
  • FCC, National and International EDI competitions.

The parameters which need to be set are:

  • The colour space which is always sRGB IEC61966-2.1;
  • Maximum horizontal dimension and maximum vertical dimension in pixels and
  • Maximum file size

Instructions are provided for Photoshop and Lightroom (see below)

Application Horizontal (Max) Vertical (Max) File Size (Max)
NCP EDI competition 1920 pixels 1200 pixels 2MB
NCP Photo Gallery 1920 pixels 1200 pixels 2MB
FCC and National competitions Note 1 Note 1 Note 1
International competitions Note 1 Note 1 Note 1
Table 1


  1. See competition rules.

File Naming Convention

Application Rule Example
Club competitions Same as title Harbour Bridge.jpg
Competition & Member & Outing Photo Albums Same as title Harbour Bridge.jpg
Other competitions See entry form
Table 2


  1. Older versions of Mac OSX do not allow the use of the space character in file names. The use of the underscore (_) character is acceptable.

Adobe Photoshop

1. Make a Copy

The following operations may modify the original image. Therefore either:

  • Carry out the process on a copy of the original file or
  • Close the original file without saving

2. Save for Web

Go to the File menu and select Export then Save for Web (Legacy)  on Photoshop CC 2015; or File menu and select Save for Web on earlier versions.


Make selections as shown in the diagram for JPEG, Convert to sRGB etc.

Under Image Size select a Width (W) of 1920 pixels.

If the Height (H) exceeds 1200 pixels then instead select a Height (H) of 1200 pixels.

The Width (W) should now not exceed 1920 pixels and the Height (H) should not exceed 1200 pixels.

With the box selected hit enter to execute the image size change.


Make selections as shown in the diagram for JPEG, Convert to sRGB etc.

Alternative 1

Adjust the Quality slider (0 – 100) until the image size (under image) does not exceed 2000K.

Alternative 2

Click on the Optimize Menu arrow to the right of Preset and select “Optimize to File Size.”


In the dialogue box set the desired file size to 2000K and click OK.

Select Save. In the box select the location where you would like the image saved to and insert the name e.g. Harbour Bridge.jpg

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Lightroom can resize, convert to sRGB colour space and rename images in a single action.

From the Library Module select the image and click on ‘Export’ to bring up the dialogue box shown below. For NCP competitions the settings from top to bottom are as follows.

  • Export To
    • Hard Drive
  • Export Location
    • Export to: choose folder
    • Put in Subfolder: choose subfolder
  • File Naming
    • Rename To: Custom Name
    • Use a file name as per the file naming convention (see above)  e.g. Harbour_Bridge
  • File Settings
    • Format –  JPEG
    • Quality – 100%
    • Color Space – sRGB
    • Limit File Size To : 2000 K
  • Image Sizing
    • Resize to Fit : Width & Height
      • W : 1920 pixels
      • H : 1200 pixels
    • Resolution : 72 pixels per inch

Leave all other sections empty.

Here is the Lightroom Export Dialog with settings for NCP EDI Competitions (NB update width and height settings as above):


Send your entry

You must upload your EDI entries via the NCP Competition Registration and EDI Upload page so that it arrives no later than 8.00 p.m. the Sunday before the competition.


Q: I would like to make my image occupy the whole of the projected area.
A: Select the Rectangular Marquee Tool. Under Style select Fixed Aspect Ratio, in Width insert 4 and in Height select 3. Make your selection, then under Image select Crop. After the above process is followed the resulting image will be exactly 1920 x 1200 pixels.

Q: My image e.g. 1920 x 600 pixels does not occupy the whole of the screen. How does the rest of the image appear?
A: The image viewer software (Adobe Bridge) will display this area in a black colour. If you wish to have control over this you may extend the canvas size to the full 1920 x 1200 pixels and select your own fill colour.

Q: Why use the sRGB colour space?
A: The data projector supports and is calibrated for the the sRGB colour space. Provided your monitor is suitable calibrated the image should be the same on both monitor and data projector.

Q: What happens if I do not use the sRGB colour space?
A: The image will not be displayed accurately. For example Adobe sRGB colour space images will lose a lot of their punch while Apple RGB images will appear too dark.

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