Old Man of the Kimberley
Winner of the overall Topshot Award, and Monochome Prints winner

Photographed in Wyndham, WA, the image depicts the sadness of the plight of so many aboriginal people since 1788. Steve gives us the rest of the story in the accompanying photo which shows the subject with his friend and one of the boab nuts he was carving and selling.




Mt Robson – Topshot Colour Prints winner

Mount Robson in British Columbia was our first encounter with the Canadian Rockies. The day we arrived it was cloudy, and although the signs told us we were at Mount Robson, there was nothing to be seen. Feeling rather disappointed, we were just  leaving when the cloud slowly started to lift slightly and Mount Robson peeped through. Although it was only mid September, she revealed herself in all her snow-covered might and majesty.





Manly Ferry – Topshot EDI winner

After lunch at Manly, we were heading back on the ferry to Circular Quay when a strong rain squall hit. I could not resist taking a snap of these two girls who seemed to be enjoying getting drenched in the gale. Needless to say, I did get a little wet in my pursuit of a special merit…




Our presentation evening on 18th April was quite illuminating. Six of our fellow members – Shirley Steel, Judith Bennett, John Pettett, Jan Glover, Peter Steele and Shane Clarkson – each gave a short presentation on the topic “My Favourite Techniques”. Notes from each of the speakers have been added to the website here and it’s well worth taking the time to see the wealth of information they contain.

Jan Glover – The way I see it  (11mb)

Shane Clarkson – Sharpening Tips (145kb)

John Pettett – Back Button Focussing and other tips (2.87mb)

Judith Bennett – Dodging and Burning (5.7mb)

Shirley Steel – Gentle Seascapes (12.5mb)



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