The Old St Thomas Chapel
Sunday 19th August 2018

This will be a very special outing. The principal venue is a restored heritage listed chapel in Narellan. It is now owned, and operated, by professional photographer Kylie Lyons. The chapel is used for weddings, christenings and so on; Kylie’s studio is nearby. On Sunday 19th August, we’ll have the run of the place. There will be a lot to do and shoot. Here’s how it will work.
Leave Gordon Station car park at 11:00am. The usual car-pooling arrangements apply. Alternatively, make your way direct from home.
1A Wilson Cres Narellan NSW 2567. This is the address of the chapel. We should arrive by 12:15pm.
What are we doing?
We’ll have a coffee and something to eat. Right across the road from the chapel is the Cake Biz, which, apart from cakes, does a wide range of sandwiches and pies and teas and coffees. At the back is an old railway carriage which we can use as a dining area. Alternatively, there is a pub next door. Since they’re so close to where we’ll be during the afternoon, you can always pop back for a refill.
At 1:15pm we head over to the chapel where Kylie will talk to us about posing models and shooting with both ambient light and Speedlights.
Kylie’s daughter will pose for us in, and around, the chapel dressed in her period costume which you see in the image above. We’ll do this in small groups of four at a time. Each group will have ten minutes for this activity.
In the area around the chapel are gardens, old farm machinery and areas where other set ups can be made. There are many still life options. PLUS, a second young model, dressed in jeans and shirt, will be on hand in the outdoor areas.
We should be finished shooting by around 3:00pm although it could go on a little longer if we’re still having fun.
When we’ve had enough, we’ll definitely need that second (third?) coffee over at the Cake Biz. It will also be a good opportunity for a chat to see how we all went.
Drive safely home

Kylie has very generously offered the use of her facilities, and her time, for no cost at all. However, we ask all participants to pay $10 each to give to the two young ladies who will be modelling for us.
What to bring:
A camera is really all you’ll need. You could make use of a reflector and Speedlights if you have them. A tripod is OK, but you probably won’t need it.
To join this outing:
Please add your name to the sheet at the entrance desk on meeting nights or email

 Wollongong Weekend away 19-21 October 2018

Our next weekend away will be in Wollongong. The club has reserved 15 rooms at the Boat Harbour Motel for the nights of 19th, 20th and 21st October. Each room can accommodate a couple  or two singles. The cost for the three nights will be $245 per person. If any two people wish to stay for Friday and Saturday nights only, the cost will be $165 per person.
The program of events will be developed later in the year. Please contact Judith Bennett with any suggestions for photography subjects and eating venues.
We will be taking bookings at the July and August meetings and through the website. Book early to avoid disappointment.