Club competitions are generally held on the first Wednesday of most months from February to November.
Top Shot is held on the first Wednesday of December.
The Program and In Focus provide the competition subject and its definition. Any image may be entered for “Open” competitions but entries for “Set Subject” competitions must address the subject.
See ‘Competition Definitions’ for definitions of photographic categories.

How to enter

There  are 3 sections:
1. EDI (Electronic Digital Images)
2. Colour Prints
3. Monochrome Prints
For the monthly competition each member may submit a maximum of 4 entries with up to 2 entries per section.

Images should be uploaded to the website  before 8pm on the Sunday prior to the competition.
To do this go to the EDI Upload and Registration Page and login.

EDI entries must also be registered using the online entry form. This can be done any time up until 12 noon on the day of the competition.

Your images will need to be resized correctly.
See details below under Competition Sections.
The filename should be the title of the image.
It is recommended that you send your entry well before the deadline so that we can contact you if there are any problems with the entry.
Please note: Competition entries should be uploaded via the online entry form and  should NOT be uploaded to the Photo Gallery.

the titles of all your EDI and print entries any time up until 12 noon on the day of the competition by filling in the online entry form on the website.
Prints are to be mounted on mat board, and are to be placed on the boards in the hall before 7.45pm on the night of the competition. Your name and the image title should be written on the back of the mount.


Monthly Competitions
For the monthly competition each member may submit a maximum of 4 entries with up to 2 entries per section. An image or substantially the same image must not be entered in a monthly competition more than twice regardless of section. If an image receives a Merit or Special Merit it is NOT eligible for further monthly competitions but may be entered in the annual Top Shot in December. Images that do not receive an award in a monthly competition may still be entered in the Top Shot competition.

Top Shot
This competition is held on the first meeting in December.
The rules may vary from year to year, and are usually published in the November and December issues of In Focus.

Eligible Work

Computer manipulated images are permitted in all categories as long as they comply with the appropriate rules for each section and are based on your own original photographic image.

Competition Sections

1. Colour Prints

Surfer by Dawn Zandstra

  • There are no size limits (maximum or minimum) for the print or mount;
  • Any number of images on the same mount is acceptable and;
  • Freestyle/creative/experimental prints are acceptable.
2. Monochrome Prints
  • As for Colour Prints except
  • The FIAP definition of monochrome is used. See Competition Definitions. Monochrome is an image in black and white or an image in black and white which has been modified by the addition of a single tone to the entire image. Black and white images which have been partially toned or have had colour added to a part or parts are ineligible, and should be entered in the colour print section.

3. Projected Images or Electronic Digital Images (EDI)
  • Images must be provided in JPEG format;
  • The image maximum horizontal dimension is 1920 pixels and the maximum vertical dimension is 1200 pixels;
  • Images should use the sRGB colour space (preferred) or no colour space;

    Jump by Brett Handley

  • The file size must not exceed 2MB;
  • The file name (eg Harbour_Bridge.jpg) must include the title as registered on the entry form (e.g. Harbour_Bridge).
  • Entries not compliant with the above may not be accepted in the competition;
  • Entries must be uploaded to the website (see above) by 8.00 p.m. the Sunday before the competition. Late entries will not be accepted.;
  • See the Resize Images page which describes how to prepare an image for entry.

Mounting of Prints

All prints must be mounted and most members prefer to use a window mount on matt board. A matt cutter may be borrowed from the club. Large prints use velcro holders to attach the mount to the display board. If the mount is too thick or heavy to use this attachment then it is the responsibility of the member to provide a suitable means of display.

For safety reasons glass must not be used in the mount.

Your name and print title must appear clearly on the back of your print. The title must be identical to that on your entry form. Display of the title and your name on the front is permitted but most members prefer to present their images “anonymously”.

Rules of Entry

In the interests of speeding up the process of recording and display of entries the following applies:

  1. All prints must be mounted prior to arrival at the meeting.
  2. The reverse side of prints must record the author’s name and print title.
  3. Each entry must be registered via the online competition form. The form must be submitted by midday on the day of the competition.
  4. Those who do not have access to the internet will be able to submit entries using a printed form at the meeting. Such entries will not be accepted after 7.45pm.

Annual Awards

The following points are awarded for monthly competitions.

Entry 1 point
Merit Award 3 points
Special Merit 5 points




Annual Awards are made based on the cumulative results throughout the year.

Awards will be made to the highest point scores in each section and the aggregate of all sections.

Photo Gallery

The Competitions album in the Photo Gallery is for images which have won a Merit or Special Merit in the respective monthly competitions.
Images should only be uploaded after the competition, when results are known.

See the instructions for uploading and re-sizing of images.

Hair by Judy Watman

Hair by Judy Watman


Georgia by John Chapman

Georgia by John Chapman





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