5:30pm, Thu, 8 Jun 2023

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  • Type of event: Outings
    Start time: 5:30pm
    End time: 9:30pm
    Description: Vivid
    Meet at 5:30pm at Central Station Grand Concourse, in front of the information desk. From the station it is about a 5min walk to the beginning of the Sydney Goods Line Walk. and spend about 1+ hours in the area. It appears from the walk map that the Chau Chuk building will be lit up. Meeting at 7:00pm at the Kopitiam Cafe, 594 Harris St. for dinner. The Kopitiam Cafe is a reasonably priced Malaysian restaurant. After dinner around 8:00pm walk to Darling Harbour, then meeting at the entrance to the Exchange Place, Barangaroo at about 9:30pm. There are several options from there. Total walking time without stops is about 40 mins.
    1. End your night and walk through to Wynyard station.
    2. Catch the ferry to Circular Key.
    3. Walk through to Wynyard Station and then catch the tram to Circular Key.
    There is an interactive map available on the website It also states that a downaloadable map will be available soon but I'm not sure if this relates to the interactive one or a PDF file as they did last year.