Presentation 16 August 2017 8pm – From RAW to Riveting
Steve Mullarkey

A presentation demonstrating a variety of techniques with both your camera and on your computer to give your images impact. These techniques will include :

  • Exposure Bracketing & Blending (HDR Techniques)
  • Long Exposures. – Effective with Moving Water
  • Polarising Filters. – Skies, Leaves, Water, Reflections
  • Change Perspective. – Wide Angle & Telephoto Lenses
  • Optimising RAW Files in Lightroom and ACR (Adobe Camera Raw)
  • The Clarity and Vibrance Sliders ~ Lightroom and ACR
  • Structure and Local Contrast ~ Masking & Selective Use
  • Nik Color Efex Filters ~ Free but Priceless
  • High Key & Low Key
  • Panoramas
  • Monochrome versus Colour
  • Split Toning

The evening will include :

  • Audio-Visuals
  • Keynote/Powerpoint with multiple image examples
  • Practical Demonstrations

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Meredith’s Challenge

She would like us to either use a film camera if we have one or if we don’t have one we can pretend.

  • Shoot 12 images only, as if there is a roll of film in the camera.
  • Slow down, plan your shot and only take it once
  • Produce a contact sheet of the 12 images and prepare up to 4 of your favourites for the follow-up Challenge.
  • The subject matter is your choice and they don’t all have to be on the same subject.
  • The 12 images must be sequential. No deleting!

On August 2nd, Meredith will be returning to NCP to see if we were able to meet her challenge, so let’s show her what we can achieve.

Keep in mind that August 2 is a competition evening. You don’t have to participate in the challenge and may enter whatever images you choose in the normal way. However, if you do take up Meredith’s challenge, you may use up to four of those images so long as they meet the usual competition criteria. Even then, if you find that only one or two of your challenge images are of competition standard you may still use any other images to make up your quota.



Some web browsers (particularly Firefox) have updated their security warnings. It is possible that when you log in to the club website to upload your EDI entries, you may see a message: “This connection is not secure. Logins entered here could be compromised.” “It is not recommended that you continue, but if you do, you should use a password that you don’t use for other important sites”.
Our website is not an ecommerce site – ie we do not sell items or collect money via the website. Therefore our website is not a “secure website” as we have not paid for a security certificate which would be needed if we collected people’s banking details etc.
HOWEVER we do recommend that you use a password that is unique to the club website, and avoid using a password which you use for other important sites, such as banking.

How to change your password
Go to Competitions
– Register your competition entries
Scroll down to EDI entries
Click “Login” link
Click “Howdy (your login name)” on top RH corner of page
Edit my profile
Generate password
When you get a password, change it to the one you want
Click “Update profile”

NEW FILE SIZES for EDI competitions and image review nights
File sizes for  electronic images for EDI competitions and image review nights changed on 1st March 2017.
The required file size is a maximum of 1920px  wide by a maximum of 1080px high.
The file size is a maximum of 2MB.
Instructions for file resizing can be found here.
Note that this change does not apply to the Photo Gallery at this stage. 

You can now upload your EDI competition entries directly to the website
1. Click on ‘Competitions’ in the menu bar
2. Click on ‘Register your competition entries’
3. Fill in the Competition Entry form for all your entries in EDI, Mono and Colour sections
4. Then under ‘EDI Entries’ Log In and click to get the EDI Upload form
5. Upload 1 or 2 EDI images
6. Log Out